Howdy, we are Odoson.

As talented problem solvers who tackle challenges across a variety of contexts, we’ve collected an uncommon combination of skills and experiences that help our clients’ projects move beyond ordinary.

Look at the bigger picture

We work with the conviction that the increasingly interconnected and interdependent world we live in today requires a fundamentally new way of thinking and designing. In our opinion, a fast-paced globalized world requires interdisciplinary teams that combine deep knowledge and experience of the possibilities of technology, the habits and needs of people, and business strategy to meet ever-changing requirements. It is no longer possible for an agency to analyze only a single portion of a design problem. We’re certain human-centered insights and a focus on the total product experience and how it relates to future development make our projects more successful and give our clients a sustainable edge in the marketplace.

Sweat the small stuff

We use research methods from the social sciences to move design beyond pure aesthetics and toward an insightful methodology for innovation and problem solving, but we don’t hide behind theory. We know the importance of making every part of a project a unified, useful part of the whole. We look just as much at the graphic details, typography, responsiveness, interactivity, and other often overlooked elements that make a design outstanding as at concepts and processes. We stay at the top of new technologies and trends. Part studio, part laboratory, part think-tank, our approach allows us to deliver meaningful products and services that serve clients into the future.

Learn from tradition

Our knowledge of our craft is grounded in history. The study of each of our respective fields began with – and is to this day continuously augmented with – a deep analysis of the traditional masters and classics. This process isn’t limited to design – our research and strategy competencies have also been cultivated through years of rigorous study and practice. These collective experiences give us a solid understanding of the possibilities each provides, and have bolstered our view that, although some of our work has artistic elements, design isn’t an art, but a science of balancing logic and emotion as we present information.

Embrace the spirit of change

Our curiosity and hunger for knowledge aren’t limited to the past. In a competitive world where the only constant is change, we’re acutely aware of the value of pushing the boundaries of practice and developing and applying the latest disruptive technologies. In the past our roles would have been done in different buildings with limited collaboration between parties, but we move beyond disciplinary boundaries and standard modes of working. Armed with our hypothesis- and prototype-driven methods, we don’t give clients a simple mixup of something we’ve built before. Instead, we work with our clients to turn innovative ideas into products and services that engage users in exciting new ways.

This is us.

We’re a tight core team,
equipped with an expanded network

Robert Baumgartner

Design + Technology

Robert has several years experience as a web and mobile app developer and designer in Switzerland and the United States. He studied Visual Communications at the Zurich University of the Arts. Prior to Odoson, Robert cofounded Priott, an award-winning design and interaction agency in the heart of Zurich. At Odoson, Robert combines design with new technologies. He uses his technical insight and entrepreneurial energy to wow our clients with creative solutions and innovative design work, knowing behind every great design is an important business objective and an even greater story.

Alyssa Juday

Design Research + Strategy

Alyssa has a background in cultural anthropology, business strategy, and design and has lived in nine countries. After graduating from the University of Chicago and completing additional studies at the University of Basel in business and management, Alyssa discovered the impact of combining ethnographic inquiry and design for social change while at the Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio. Now she uses her broad spectrum of knowledge to create socially and commercially relevant insights about human behavior and oversees Odoson’s human-centered projects.


Running + Jumping

Enzo is a friendly rescue pup. He’s less than half the average size of his breed, the Brittany, and was badly abused by his previous owners, but now he’s thrilled to be an integral part of Odoson. Whenever the team is stuck on a hard problem or has hit a wall, Enzo is ready to help tackle the problem (or at least lift spirits), and otherwise solicit belly rubs and pats. His two favorite activities are sprinting around (the quite big) office terrace and laying in the hammock, slowly roasting under the sun.

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