Odoson – Brand Identity & Digital Media

We believe design is
at the heart of innovation.

Harnessing this potential, we unite human insight, creative engagement, business acumen, and new technologies as we design and develop brilliant products and services.

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Our designs accomplish more.*

Great ideas without great execution and promotion aren’t all that “great”. As the realization of holistic product and service design strategies, our solutions get things done. They show up early, stay late, and make a sustained, measurable difference to customers and businesses.

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* Perhaps one day you’ll see them in space.
(Elon Musk, if you’re reading, the Dragon rocket needs some design love.)

We’re not just another ___ agency.*

As talented problem solvers who tackle challenges across a variety of contexts, we’ve collected an uncommon combination of skills and experiences that help our clients’ projects move beyond ordinary.

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* Unless you filled the blank with wish-to-be-paid, which we do indeed.

We’re design thinkers and doers.*

We (usually) operate out of our office in Barcelona, Spain (GMT+1), but our clients are located all over the world. Try us out for your next project and see for yourself the difference our design-based approach makes to organizations looking to innovate and grow.

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* No know-it-alls, code monkeys, or pixel jockeys allowed.